2016 RIA Salons 63 – 69

RIA Salon 69: Barbara Brown, Barbara Dytnerska, Judith Parker: Glimpses of Middle India


This Salon was held December 5 and December 17, 2016
 Barbara Brown, Barbara Dytnerska and Judith Parker, three women who need little introduction in Ottawa’s visual art community, went for a three-week tour of India last spring and they have accepted our invitation to talk about their adventure at a Salon.  From the thousands of pictures they took, they put together three 15-minute slideshows which they will take turn presenting.   Barbara D. will begin with an introductory general overview. Judith will talk about Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, a traditional historic silk-weaving town where layers of history and culture intermingle, and Barbara B. will talk about the rituals she observed: East and West.
Judith Parker is an art historian, curator and arts administrator who enjoys the conjunction of old and new. This was her first trip to Asia. Barbara Brown’s current work is photo based imagery capturing the ephemeral nature of the garden. And Barbara Dytnerska has been travelling for the last four years.

RIA Salon 68: Donna Eichel

A Painter in Victoria, BC.donna-eichel

Donna Eichel, Li’l Diamond V .  oil and metal on board
Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Donna Eichel, is a painter with a wonderful material sensibility. She spent many years in Ottawa, where she got her BFA at Ottawa U, and she was an early member of the EBA. She is represented by Galerie St-Laurent + Hill. She presently lives and works in Victoria, BC.
When Donna and her husband Scott came to Ottawa to visit their son and daughter-in-law and their new granddaughter, Donna did a presentation on her experiences in Victoria, as well as on her recent painting.
Donna Eichel was born and raised on an Alberta farm.  Donna’s art reveals the work ethic of her upbringing, which was, and remains, hard work; not being afraid of getting your hands dirty; and, enjoying what you are doing.
Donna began her professional career as a registered nurse before becoming a military wife and mother. She began to make art while raising two energetic sons and moving often throughout Canada and the United States. Donna studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax and the University of Manitoba, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from the University of Ottawa.
Donna’s preoccupation has been contradictions that exist between the beautiful and the ugly; the old and the new; the past, present and the future. Her techniques reveal a fascination for and a love of, manipulating materials. She has exhibited in public and private galleries throughout Canada, including Open Space Gallery in Victoria, BC, Galerie St_Laurent+ Hill, Ottawa, and Confederation Centre, Charlottetown, PEI. Most recently she participated in a group show in Vancouver:  Art Vancouver (2015) and in the TD Art Gallery Paint-in in Victoria (2015). In The Island Art Magazine’s Abstract Art Contest, Donna won First Place in 2015.

RIA Salon 67 Kate Oakley:North Wales – Stiwdio Maelor


Tuesday, September 13, 7.30 PM. Kate writes:Since graduating from the 3-year Fine Arts Program at the Ottawa School of Art in 2012, with a double-concentration in art photography and abstract painting, I have been exploring the relationship between visual perception and jazz percussion. Part of that journey has led me to explore three elements: 1) accidental or naturally occurring visual distortions; 2) changes in colour and shape due to atmospheric conditions; and 3) palpable energy that is not visible to the naked eye. For me, the three seemingly disparate themes are linked through an underlying pulse of life. For example, patterns of rust are visually similar to growth patterns of lichen, and each can be influenced by changes in atmospheric conditions or vibrations. A recent 5-week artist residency in North Wales provided me with time to delve more deeply into two of my interests–rust and lichen–in a location that is rich in both.During my time in Wales, my work was influenced by the environmentally lush and isolated village location in which I found myself and my practice expanded to include slate as part of the equation. At the RIA Salon on Tuesday, September 13th, I will share stories and photographs about my journey.

RIA Salon 66 Steve Fick: The Sacred Valley of Peru


Monday, June 13, 7.30 PM

Steve Fick talked about a recent trip to Peru, where he attended a world gathering of Quakers. He shared images and reflections from his visit to the Sacred Valley of Peru, including Machu Picchu, and Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas, in January 2016. These reflections related to some of the themes of his exhibit, Rebirth, Transformation, Reconciliation, that were featured at the Trinity Gallery at the Shenkman Arts Centre.
Rebirth, Transformation, Reconciliation, May 19 to June 14, 2016
Trinity Art Gallery, Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa
Steve Fick is a visual artist who has experimented with a variety of media and approaches, working primarily in oil on canvas. Trained as a physical geographer, his main interest over the broad scope of his career has been landscape, especially subjects that lend themselves to a study of natural pattern—water surfaces, clouds seen from above, rock surfaces. More recently his focus has been portrait and figure, but his current body of work moves in a different direction –back to the more visionary approach to art that engaged him in his early career.

RIA Salon 65 Guillermo Trejo


Wednesday, May 11, 2016.  

Guillermo writes: During 2014 I had the opportunity to be part of a long term residency  in Mexico called FONCA Young Artist Program. This grant is given to artist under 35 in all the arts disciplines and the idea is to promote collaboration and connection between artists from different geographical parts and disciplines.
During the talk I will explain how the program works and I will show the work developed during this time.
Guillermo Trejo is a Mexican artist based in Ottawa. He completed his BFA at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Etching in Mexico City with a specialization in printmaking, and moved to Canada in 2007. The experience of immigration and distance has shaped Trejo’s work. Since moving to Ottawa, he has earned an MFA from University of Ottawa and has been an active member of the artistic community. He has exhibited at the Ottawa Art Gallery, Saw Gallery and other artist run centres across the country.
In 2014, he participated in the Quebec City Triennial and was shortlist for the Ottawa RBC Emerging Artist Prize. He has been an Artist-in-Residence at Creative Fusion (Cleveland), and the global Symposium of Contemporary Art of Baie-Saint-Paul. In 2014, Guillermo also received the Young Artist FONCA grant for Mexican Artists and a production grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. In addition, Trejo has worked as a research consultant for the National Gallery of Canada. He also teaches printmaking at the Ottawa School of Art (OSA) and directs OSA editions, a project that invites local artists to create limited editions prints at the OSA print studio.

RIA Salon 64 Hélène Lefebvre

Apuesta_de_amor 2013

March 28 (Easter Monday)  2016.  
Hélène Lefebvre travels a great deal, and so we were fortunate to have found a time slot for her to talk about her travels. She talked about her performance practice and the process used in her performances abroad. Hélène focused on aspects of her quest, research and findings during her recent residencies in Chile and in Berlin, Germany. She shared with us how she positions herself in her performances to establish a dialogue and to reveal the content of her discoveries with the public.
Hélène Lefebvre (Ottawa) questions identity and otherness and how they are linked to art, nature, culture and society. Most recently, her work has expressed itself through performance, installation art and video. She has presented a number of exhibitions and performances in Canada (Ontario, Québec and Nova Scotia), Europe and Latin America. She has received grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa. Also, she participates in direction setting for artistic organizations in Ontario and Québec.
“Sometimes one needs to disrupt nature in order to better see it. Propose daily unexpected gestures in natural sites in order to better understand them”. ( Monique Léger, commenting on Lefebvre’s work)

 RIA Salon 63 Adam Brown and Fiona Wright

New folder1

 Monday February 1, 2016.  7.30 PM, At the E.B.A. 951 Gladstone Ave.
For the first Salon of 2016 we invited Adam Brown and Fiona Wright to present their ongoing collaborative art and architecture project at Hopewell School. Adam is a recent graduate from Ottawa U.’s MFA program, you may remember the invitation he sent around the Ottawa arts community last summer to join him for a residency on his boat on the Ottawa River. Fiona is an educator at the CUAG Gallery. The gallery’s renovations last fall required that the programming space be closed, which inspired this idea for an “off-site” art education initiative at a local school. Together, Adam and Fiona designed the Hopewell P.S. project, and have been working with a class of Gr. 7 students over the past couple of months to design and construct a pretty awesome fort!
Adam and Fiona shared insights from their practices in art and pedagogy, and reflect on their experiences during last summer’s Sailing Residencies project.
Adam Brown is an artist, maker and educator. Celebrating process and do-it-yourself culture, he seeks to create sites of activation: spaces for creativity, participation and discussion. Collaboration is the essential ingredient in his practice – all the work starts from a place of friendship. Brown is a recent graduate of the University of Ottawa MFA program.
Fiona Wright is the Art Gallery Education Assistant at the Carleton University Art Gallery (CUAG), where she is responsible for the educational programming and community outreach initiatives. She has held previous positions in arts organizations in Toronto and Montreal, including Art Gallery of York University, LuminaTO, and the Toronto Arts Council. She holds an honours undergraduate degree from McGill University and a Master’s degree in Art History and Curatorial Studies from York University.