RIA Salon 84: Margit Hideg, Liverpool

Margit Hideg, Tate Exchange Liverpool
Tate Exchange Liverpool.jpg
Production Process Collaboration: The Seen and Unseen, the Encounter” – socially-engaged art practice @ Tate Liverpool ExchangeThursday, September 27th, 2018 – 7.30 PMPlease email researchinart.ria@gmail.com for your personal invitation and the address.

Margit writes:
In August of 2018 I was invited by Marina Moreno, ARTEMOTION – her UK based art organization, an Associate of Liverpool Exchange, to participate in her Venice Vending Machine (VVM) project and present my workshop “How Language Sustains You” at Liverpool Exchange.
Tate Liverpool Exchange is one of the UK’s premiere collaborative art spaces to instigate a dialogue on the value of art to society through a range of presentations workshops and artworks.
Each year Tate Exchange has a theme. This year it is “Production”
The program included a series of debates, workshops, performances and installations designed to engage with the public and to provide a platform for exchange and collaboration.
I think the RIA Salon will be a good place to start sharing my personal experience and open up a discussion about how our intended collaborations with viewers in contemporary world can help us to rethink our art practice.

Margit Hideg is an interdisciplinary (Canadian/Hungarian) artist and educator born in Transylvania and based in Cantley, Quebec. Her use of media ranges from Paintings, Installation, Participatory Art projects, Video and Nature Art. Her recent interests are in the production of innovative and experimental art work that provokes direct interaction and dialogue with the audience through multiple platforms. She believes that these creative interactions lead to positive transformations in our lives. Margit has collaborated with, and directed, artists, students and public.  www.hideg.ca www.venicevendingmachine.com/

A note on the Salons
1. Every month or so (there have been some hiatuses) Rene and I invite an artist, who has done a project outside the Ottawa area, to give a presentation in our home. This could be about an exhibition, a presentation, a residency or a research trip. It is a nice, informal way to get to know about something that we don’t have a chance to experience in person.
2. We have also invited artists who are new in town to give a presentation about their work.
3. And we are interested to hear from artists who have graduated from the MFA program at Ottawa U. and have settled in Ottawa.
The get-togethers are super casual, and the talks are short so there is lots of time for discussions about all sorts of things. People take turns to bring wine (we ask different people each time). This isn’t about food, so we usually have only chips. Invitations to speakers are based on coincidence, happenstance and word of mouth. There is only space for 20 people, first RSVP-ed first served, so please RSVP as soon as possible. If there are more people than seats, we create a waiting list. For the following salon, the people on the waiting list get an advanced notice. We are trying not to turn the salons into a club, and this is the best way we know of getting different people together at different times. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t get in the first time. Although there are now more than 340 names on the RIA list, people usually can attend at least 1 out of 2 salons.
If you sign up but can’t make it at the last moment, let us know, so we can contact someone on the waiting list.