RIA Salon 73: Tiffany April


A Day at the Circus.jpg

Tiffany April, A Day at the Circus, 2015. oil on canvas, 60″ x 72″

At RIA,  May 30 – 2017,

For our 73rd Salon we invited emerging artist Tiffany April to talk about her residency at Takt, Berlin.  She talked about her three-month stay, how she got there and how it inspired new paintings.

Tiffany April is an Ottawa-based artist, born in Montreal, QC. She recently completed her BFA of studio arts at Concordia University (2014). Following five months of travel including a three month art residency at Takt in Berlin, Germany, April returned to Ottawa where she currently works from The Rectory Art House in Lowertown. She hosts P(a)INT&DRAW life model sessions at Saint Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, and in her spare time volunteers at H’art of Ottawa. April was recently accepted to the MFA program at Ottawa U. Her full portfolio can be found on her site:  www.tiffanyapril.com