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This is the messy book shelf for the Capitalism, Colonialism and Climate Change (CCCC) study group. More references can be found at the Discussion Page and the RIA Facebook Page

Nov. 26 2017 Dawn Dale sent this:

The Growing Necessity for the Vera List Center for Art and Politics

Now in its 25th year, the New School-affiliated institution is supporting increasingly essential and timely art.

November 28 – 2017Daniel Sharp sent us this link:

AGO and NGC will present  a large exhibition on the theme of Climate Change in 2018/19:

November 20 – 2017

 “As long as the “former” West continues to promote the idea of technological and economic progress based on combustible resources and extractive labor from the Global South, the same old colonial capitalist drive that organized the transatlantic slave trade will continue to run rampant.

 – Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez – For Slow Institutions. e-flux Journal #85, October 2017


Nov. 14 – 2017. Michele Provost writes: Hans Ulrich Obrist lists a number of artists who had gotten involved in direct political actions which, in my sense, bypass the risks of being heavy-handed, patronizing, intrusive or indelicate to potential participants.  In either case, I am nor overly optimistic about the impact of such actions, but this seems to me like a more respectful approach than what I’ve been witnessing lately. 

Enjoy! (or cringe)

Just thought I’d share.


‘It’s such a powerful time not to be silent’: See how art can be a weapon on Interrupt This Program
The new season premieres October 13th in Mexico City followed by Nairobi, Jakarta, Chicago,   Karachi and Warsaw


CBC podcast: “This is not going to end well.” Interview with Barbara Kingsolver on her new novel Flight Behaviour, a parable for climate change.


07/10/2017 – Dawn Dale sent this link to  “How Capitalism Exploits Us (And What We Can Do About It)





Read about many socially and politically engaged art groups and projects all over the world:


05/10/2017 – Kathy Bergquist suggests this book that is available at the Library:

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05/10/2017 –cj fleury writes:

Maybe u have seen all these books…the north American grandparents of community process…
The  3 earliest ones were my (art world)  proof that collaborating WITH communities was alive and of value.
I think the product vs experience discussion will be important.20171004_230602
Nancy Johnson sends us some books from her shelves:
I suggest the book The Third Plate by Dan Barber. He is a chef, farmer and researcher. The first plate is the Standard North American diet. The second plate is organic, locally sourced food. The third plate which is the subject of the book is sustainability, a different thing altogether. Its a magnificent book.
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingslover is about organic farming at her family farm in Virginia.
Vermeer’s Hat by Timothy Brook is the story of a few objects( tobacco, porcelain, felt hats) that were part of what was then the relatively new global trade in the 1600’s.
Where the Wild Things Were by William Stolzenburg is about the disappearance of apex prey animals and the effects this has on an entire eco-system.
1491 (before European contact) by Charles Mann.
Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies by Jared Diamond which I am reading now.
By coincidence, Diane Smith, Rene and I are all reading this book:
Roy Scranton, Learning to Die in the Anthropocene. San Francisco: City Lights Books 2015.
I think it is a very well written, only 116 pages-long introduction to some of the key problems of climate change. Provocative, more realistic than pessimistic, it might be a good text to start our discussion with.
Lynn Hart sends a link for a CBC/Quirks and Quarks episode in the Workshift series: Will you have to become a cyborg for your job?  You can also listen to the podcast on i-tunes.

Judith Parker sends this link with a trailer to Al Gore’s newest film on climate change: An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Review and trailer:

Petra‘s shelf:

-Naomi Klein: This Changes Everything; Capitalism Versus the Climate. New York: Simon and Shuster 2014)

Raoul Martinez : Creating Freedom, Power, Control and the Fight for our Future. (New York:Penguin Randomhouse 2017   (Thanks Dawn)

-Thomas Piketty: Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Translated by Arthur Goldhammer. Cambridge MA/London, England: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press 2014

Wait for the movie?

-Thomas Piketty: Why save the bankers? : and other essays on our economic and political
crisis / translated from the French and annotated by Seth Ackerman. (Available at the Ottawa Public Library)

-Saskia Sassen Expulsion Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy. Harvard MA: Harvard University Press 2014

-Manfred B. Steger & Ravi K. Roy: Neoliberalism, A Very Short Introduction Oxford: Oxford University Press 2010



Dawn Dale wrote:  “I first saw this documentary several years ago, and found it to be quite profound…”
You can watch the full film here:
Dawn has also sent in a series of short videos, all worth watching.
Sustainable Human, videos:

Many of Dawn’s finds are posted on the RIA facebook page