-The Shape of Water


web invite Sh of W

Date: Sunday May 6th 2018   –   Time: 2:00PM – 5:00PM 
For your personal invitation and RIA’s address, please email:   researchinart.ria@gmail.com                    

RIA rides the wave of the Earth Day publicity by an art-sharing event in the Project Room that is focused on Water. The Shape of Water is the second exhibition in RIA’s ongoing project Keywords for Change, in which we investigate Colonialism and Capitalism as intersecting global forces that block a necessary and speedy transformation from carbon-based to green energy.

The current exhibition shows the mural The Shape of Water, that has travelled to a number of studios over the last couple of months. The result is a gathering of bubbles with drawings and paintings by different artists who have addressed particular aspects of water, its use and misuse, its wonder and terror. The mural is surrounded by new and not so new work brought in by some participants of RIA’s Capitalism, Colonialism, Climate Change studygroup initiated in the fall of 2017.