Rene Price: Model Homes by Renecraft

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Rene Price, The Safe House

   April 10 – May 8 2016

 At RIA, in the comfort of his own home, René Price installed a collection of forty-three mini model homes that answer to some very particular and peculiar dreams: The Edsel for the car-collector, The Ball Cap for the baseball fan, the Scrapwood for the handyman, to name a few.  “Just for the fun of it,” (René’s art slogan) he pushes mimetic and novelty buildings, never taken very seriously in architectural circles, to an extreme. What comes to light, as we shall see, is that regardless of hierarchical distinctions in art, architecture, hobbies, and beliefs, all such  endeavors that go beyond fulfilling physical needs, are greatly motivated by a deeply human desire to create meaning in life. Read more 


René Price is a self-proclaimed “ideaguy/inventor, mock-artist, scribbler, rascal, cyber Luddite and grande amateur.” He likes to work on large-scale projects that reach beyond the white cube and involve non-traditional partners, patrons and audiences. Price’s largest project to date was Pyramid Acres, a 24’ x 24’x 24’ pyramid-shaped house that was installed in one of the City of Cornwall’s suburbs for twelve years.  Price has created thousands of works of all sizes and shapes, in different media (painting, photography, sculpture, video and installations) which he attempts to give away through his website:  The recipient of several artist grants, Price has exhibited in Ottawa and in many other Canadian cities. His work is in a number of public collections, including the Canada Council Art Bank. Price continues to dream of MORCA (Museum of René’s Contemptorary Art).