Lynn Hart: Pursuing the Wild Cyborg

With Jason Cobill and Patricia Reynolds


This Performance Art Piece took place in the RIA Artist Project Room, Monday November 28th 2016 You can see the movie : HERE

and Lynn’s text can be found HERE

Lynn Hart writes:  My current multimedia performance art work on the topic of “The Cyborg” is both inspired and informed by participating in the RIA Cyborg Study Group and by my longstanding interest, as a psychologist (many artist’s need a day-job!), in AI (Artificial Intelligence), including playing with AI programmes for psychotherapy.  The performance, set 100 years in a  future dystopia, is done in a humorous, light-hearted manner, and includes audience participation.  It is presented by three Cyborg/Robot/Human-hybrid characters, one of which is a 6’1”-tall wooden robot.  These characters read a silly prose/poem written by one of them, complete with audio-visual projections which help create a somewhat surreal, other- worldly, perhaps even enjoyably creepy atmosphere.

Lynn Hart graduated with honours from the York University Faculty of Fine Arts in Visual Art (printmaking), and Contemporary Dance Performance.  She did a post-graduate year in printmaking in Paris, at Atelier 17, with Stanley William Hayter.  She did her M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, on the psychology of art.  Her artistic work has been shown in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Paris.  She is a multimedia and performance artist, and poet/writer, with a longstanding interest in the topic of artificial intelligence (AI), robots, the Cyborg, the technology/nature interface, and the implications of all this for the future of humanity.

Patricia Reynolds is a musician, songwriter, performer, and educator who has lived and taught in a number of ‘near’ and remote Northern Ontario and Quebec locations before settling in Ottawa. Musical career highlights include performances at Rose’s Cantina, the Yellow Door and the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and also local performances with the Elizabeth Riley Band: Gil’s Hootenanny, Westfest, the Tribute to Phil Ochs concert, as well as the release of  the CD Felt Through the Bone. Recently retired from teaching and coordinating support/outreach programs at Carleton University, she dedicates newly-found time to ERB and the Just Voices activist choir, and to expanding artistic (and dramatic) interests.

Jason Cobill is a “creative coder” known for his visual effects work on Hollywood blockbusters, interfaces for mobile applications and interactive projection works for stage productions. He is also co-founder of “Ottawa in Colour”, an Ottawa-themed colouring book with drawings contributed by many local artists, supported by Awesome Ottawa. Jason’s unbridled enthusiasm for blending technology into the arts manifests itself in workshops for adults and youth, and mysterious art installations that appear around Ottawa.