-BYOA: Keywords for Change 2018

Link to the catalogue of the exhibition: HERE


At the RIA Artist Project Room,

The set-up and opening took place on January 1, 2018

Artists’ presentations and discussions: January 21 and January 28

Finissage: February 3.

Artists: Hans Blokpoel, Dawn Dale,Verbena Donati, Assel El-Rayes, Lynn Hart, Petra Halkes, Sandra Hawkins, Carol Howard Donati, Margit Hideg, Patricia Kenny, Iris Kiewiet, Penelope Kokkinos,Sylvia Klein, Laurie Koensgen, Lilly Koltun, Maureen Korp, Zivana Kostic, Darcia Labrosse, Laura Margita, Jacqueline Milner, Kate Oakley, Cynthia O’Brien, Aidan Parchelo, Rene Price, Susan Robertson, Sylke Robertson, Dan Sharp, Beth Shepherd, Diane Smith, Svetlana Swinimer, Taj (H. Masud Taj), Norman Takeuchi, Carmel Whittle, Anne Wright, Shirley Yik.

About the exhibition:

The Keywords for Change exhibition is the first event of RIA’s multi-year project by that title. It began on New Year’s day 2018 when 33 artists, poets and a musician brought work to the BYOA (Bring Your Own Art) opening: paintings, drawings, sculptures, poems, performance works, and songs.

News and commentary, soundbites, videos, documentaries-on wars and famines, climate change, mass displacements, tyranny and neo-fascism- form a constant virtual backdrop in our lives. We live in bizarre and horrendous times, but we must rally around. Amidst the horror and sadness, we are holding on to positive words, keywords for change.

Together, we are looking at constructive words in our own particular, artistic ways, hoping to come a bit closer to an answer to the question of what role art can play in these unstable times, when so much is to be done.

Cynthia O'Brien 4 BYOA 2018 - Copy

Cynthia O’Brien, installation on RIA’s porch, Jan. 1 2018