DADA Dinges Insp-irrational update 1

Rene Price A for ArtRene Price: A is for ART

DA DA Dinges – insp-irrational update on BYOA 2019

DA-DAists, as Tristan Tzara once wrote, “…decapitated the haloed capital A from the word art and have placed this word again on the level of human manifestations.” *

Da Da tried, but ART continues to be heavily corporatized, professionalized, institutionalized, and CAPITALIZED in more ways than one. So ART, as Rene Price appears to suggest with his series of wobbly A’s on pedestals, could use another kick in the A.

It’s four weeks before RIA’s BYOA New Year’s Day event. Bring Your Own Art has become a tradition at RIA on January 1. This message is the first of four weekly insp-irrational emails we plan to send. Feel free to contribute ideas. Feel free to unscubscribe.

DaDa Dinges (the title is flexible, but DaDa it will be) is not just for people who work with their hands: actors, poets, musicians, story-tellers, all are invited. Want to participate? Think about it for awhile and send us your RSVP after December 17.
Petra and Rene

* Tristan Tzare wrote these words in 1948, when Kurt Schwitters died. See: Rudi Fuchs et al, Kurt Schwitters – I is Style (Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum/Rotterdam, NAi 2000) p. 149

Ottawa Poet Laurie Koensgen shared a link to Tristan Tzara’s “How to Make a Dadaist Poem”

as well as a poem by Tzara himself, from the PoemHunter site:

Proclamation without Pretension

Art is going to sleep for a new world to be born

“ART”-parrot word-replaced by DADA,

PLESIOSAURUS, or handkerchief

The talent THAT CAN BE LEARNED makes the

poet a druggist TODAY the criticism

of balances no longer challenges with resemblances

Hypertrophic painters hyperaes-

theticized and hypnotized by the hyacinths

of the hypocritical-looking muezzins



Hypodrome of immortal guarantees: there is

no such thing as importance there is no transparence

or appearance


BLIND MEN take the stage

THE SYRINGE is only for my understanding. I write because it is

natural exactly the way I piss the way I’m sick


Art is a PRETENSION warmed by the

TIMIDITY of the urinary basin, the hysteria born


We are in search of

the force that is direct pure sober

UNIQUE we are in search of NOTHING

we affirm the VITALITY of every IN-


the anti-philosophy of spontaneous acrobatics

At this moment I hate the man who whispers

before the intermission-eau de cologne-

sour theatre. THE JOYOUS WIND

If each man says the opposite it is because he is


Get ready for the action of the geyser of our blood

-submarine formation of transchromatic aero-

planes, cellular metals numbered in

the flight of images

above the rules of the

and its control


It is not for the sawed-off imps

who still worship their navel

Tristan Tzara