RIA Artist Project Room

In the framework of Research in Art (RIA), a project initiated by Petra Halkes that aims to promote discussion on visual art in Ottawa, the RIA  Project Room is part of a domestic setting, the living area in Petra and René’s home. Home-based art exhibitions have had a varied history that includes the 1930s Merzbau of Dadaist Kurt Schwitters, who literally sculpted the rooms he lived in, and the revolutionary exhibitions of 1970s Leningrad, when artists secretly broke the shackles of Socialist Realism in their own apartments. In 1986 Jan Hoet, in the by now legendary exhibition Chambres d’amis, invited well-known artists to exhibit in 58 houses in Ghent, Belgium. Exhibitions in homes and apartments have since then become quite common in Europe and appear on the rise in North America. Arguably, open houses and open (home) studios could be considered home-based exhibitions too.  Such an inclusion points at the range of reasons that motivate artists to exhibit in domestic spaces.  So what are RIA’s motivations? Although Ottawa can always use more exhibition spaces, and the RIA Project Room could be a welcome addition in this respect, it is not meant to sell work or to showcase emerging artists. In line with RIA’s agenda, it will primarily be a space that allows artists to discuss new work, or work in progress, with their peers. RIA is not an institution, nor a commercial gallery. It is a curatorial collaborative project by Petra Halkes and René Price.There are no calls for submission, no grants, no artists fees. For information about past exhibitions, see:

November 2111 to June 2013,  here

2013/2014 One Thing Led to another

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