RIA Art Mags Morning


Watch this space for the next RIA Art Mags (Saturday) Morning

The new Fall magazines are in. And we have a new subscription: The New Internationalist, online as well as in print

From 9.00 AM to 10.30 AM  you find yourself a quiet corner to read. Coffee time is 10.30 AM: Tell us about something you read this morning. Please RSVP researchinart.ria@gmail.com


art Mags Morning
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We have subscriptions to five Canadian art magazines, and the New Internationalist but we don’t always find time to read them all. When we do, we find the articles and reviews interesting and they give us lots to talk about. So in an effort to remind us to read them,  we put up a rack in our living room, with three or four of the latest issues, to keep them handy. On Art Mags Mornings we invite you to come and read them with us.You can also bring your own copies of magazines, if you have any.

Think of other ways to participate: perhaps you like to read your own magazine at home in bed on Saturday morning! Or you’d like to pick up a magazine at 9 AM at RIA and take it somewhere where there is better coffee! You can still join us at 10.30 and join the discussion. Just let us know your plans.

Art Mags morning July 2016 (2)







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