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“Art Comes Home: RIA’s First Ten Years,” is the working title of a writing project that I am embarking on. It will be a reflective essay on our experiences with RIA’s first ten years, seen within a larger context of home-based culture.

I am happy to announce that I received a project grant (2018) for this endeavor from the Cultural Funding Support Section of the City of Ottawa! Thank you Ottawa! (Petra Halkes)

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The RIA Artist Project Room in 2018: Keywords for Change

Exhibitions around Keywords for Change are even more ad hoc than previous projects. The Collins Dictionary definition of ad hoc reads:

An ad-hoc activity or organization is done or formed only because a situation has made it necessary and is not planned in advance.”

The “situation” is Climate Change, which has created the overriding urgency to come together and combine skills to minimize its causes and slow down its effects. “What needs to be done, and what (if anything) can artists do?” is central question at RIA this year. The Capitalism, Colonialism and Climate Change (CCCC) study group tackles these issues through discussions of texts, art works and installations. Anyone can join this group, at any time, whether you are able to attend the meetings on the third Wednesday of the month, or not. There is a separate email list for the CCCC studygroup. If you’d like to join it and receive their updates, lists of resources etc., please email


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