This is a call to artists, poets, writers, performers, philosophers, true amateurs and professionals:

Bring Your Own Art

BYOA (Bring Your Own Art) on January 1 2018, to the RIA Project Room, 24 Beverley Ave. Ottawa. The RIA (Research in Art) New Year’s Day opening, which has become a tradition, starts out with empty walls. The exhibition grows that very afternoon, when people bring in their own art on a theme that has been announced a couple of months previously.

The theme for RIA’s BYOA 2018 is: Keywords for Change

Scroll down and read some of the many words that I have come across in my recent readings on capitalism, colonialism, climate change and news articles and commentary on wars and famines, mass displacements, tyranny and neo-fascism. We live in bizarre and horrendous times, but we must rally around. Amidst the horror and sadness, I have found and collected positive words, keywords for change.

How to stay positive, even find reasons to celebrate, is a question that is at the heart of this year’s New Year’s Day event. I invite you to adopt one of these words, run with it, act on it, talk about it, do it, create it,  give it shape. Think video, painting, poetry, sculpture, performance, lecture and writing and even venture out beyond these genres.

Perhaps together, looking at all those words in our own particular ways, we can come a bit closer to an answer to the question of what role art can play in these unstable times, when so much is to be done.

Equality – critical engagement – adaptation – commonality – empathy – vibrancy – proposition – new order – manifesto – new world – imagined world – possible world – realistic – restoration – cooperation – collaboration – inclusivity – diversity – belonging- connectivity – equality – participation – indigenization – interruption – kindness – responsibility – justice – solidarity  – sharing – belonging – interdependency- coalition –  we help each other—-

and any other words you think fit in this list.

I hope you’ll start thinking about this. Watch this space for updates on registration and times.

Petra Halkes


Next Art Mags Morning  Saturday, October 28

The new Fall magazines are in. And we have a new subscription: The New Internationalist, online as well as in print

From 9.00 AM to 10.30 AM  you find yourself a quiet corner to read. Coffee time is 10.30 AM: Tell us about something you read this morning. Please RSVP

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If you missed the RIA Salon 76  by Petra Halkes: BAK Summer School: Art in a Time of Interregnum on Oct. 4 and 6, and would have liked to have been there, I am planning another session for November. Please contact me at 

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We are looking for participants in a Study Group for this fall on the topics of capitalism, colonialism and climate change: In our extra-ordinary unstable times, when so much is to be done, what role can art play? For more information, click HERE

The RIA Artist Project Room is on hiatus

From March 2017 the Artist Project Room will be on hiatus until 2018: we need to plan and re-think our approach to exhibitions. During 2017, (when Rene and I are not travelling) Salons and discussion nights will continue.

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