Keywords for Change is RIA’s new theme for 2018. Beginning with BYOA (Bring Your Own Art) an exhibition that was installed on January 1st  2018, we are collecting and working with words that we have come across in our recent readings on capitalism, colonialism and climate change, and in news articles and commentary on wars and famines, mass displacements, tyranny and neo-fascism. We live in bizarre and horrendous times, but we must rally around. Amidst the chaos, we find guidance in keywords for change.

Current and Upcoming Events:

The next RIA Art Mags Morning will be Saturday March 17 – 2018

The new Winter magazines are in. And we have a new subscription: The New InteCapture magazinesrnationalist, online as well as in print

From 9.00 AM to 10.30 AM  you find yourself a quiet corner to read. Coffee time is 10.30 AM: Tell us about something you read this morning. Please RSVP







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