Rue des refusés.

Applications 2014

In July 2014 we asked artists if they would be interested in being part of an exhibition, Rue des Refusés, which we are hoping to organize as a block party near RIA next year. The only criteria for participation are a recent rejection letter and work that can be shown in a public space (family-friendly).

We received over 40 replies. Thank you all for your responses, which were mostly positive and almost completely free of rancour. We are a wise bunch; we know that rejections are part and parcel of life and art. We reject and we are rejected.  Hierarchies are created and taken apart; “excellence” is constantly defined and re-defined.  If artists were to be discouraged by judgements or swayed by trends, they would never get much authentic work done. So we shrug these things off…

This doesn’t mean that rejections don’t hurt; artists are human too! So let’s get together to commiserate and have some fun.  Many of you have offered to participate. It will be great to see all that art on the street!

And, even though the event will be a good way to laugh off our “failures,” its presence will, nonetheless, question the status quo of Ottawa art institutions, and their commitment to show local art. And, it might encourage new, non-institutional initiatives. So much art, such few shows….

It will take some time to organize this “block party,” and since the fall is pretty busy already, we will plan it for spring. If we can’t get our neighbours on board, we will find another space.

Thanks again, and we’ll keep in touch!


Petra and Rene

Anyone else interested? Let us know what you think:


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