In Memoriam Linda Luneau


Linda Luneau, loving mother of Noel Luneau and Anton Luneau, loving sister to Rick LePoidevin, and a kind and loyal friend to many artists and neighbours, peacefully passed away at Ottawa Civic Hospital.In the last days of her life, family and friends either visited her in the hospital or called to wish her well.

Sunday, May 15 – 2016, at a memorial gathering at RIA, Linda’s family, neighbours, friends, doctors, caregivers and artists gathered  to tell stories about this lovely person and talented artist. The walls were covered with her paintings and drawings, a wonderful last exhibition. In the guest book Linda’s smile, her warmth, friendliness, her “luminous spirit”(Nancy Baele) were remarked on repeatedly. Friends also talked about her love for the earth and her environmental activism. Her interest in politics never abated.

Here at RIA we remember another exhibition of Linda’s work, when she showed together with Deborah Margo in 2013: Winter Garden. Below see the text and images of that show, from the catalogue One Thing Led to Another.

Fullscreen capture 5172016 13153 PM.bmp

Linda's work 001

Linda Luneau, Another River, c. 2003

Linda's work 003

Linda Luneau, Winter Tree, 2013

Winter Garden 001 (2)

Winter Garden, RIA 2013




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