RIA Salon 58 Sharon Katz: In the Company of Common Objects

Sharon Katz : In the Company of Common Objects, video still, 2014.

Sharon Katz : In the Company of Common Objects, video still, 2014.

Tuesday April 14, 2015

7.30 PM

At Petra and René’s:

email researchinart.ria@gmail.com for your personal invitation.

Sharon writes: My current body of work, “In the Company of Common Objects”, is about de-familiarizing ordinary objects and experiences in order to make them strange. I look for moments when inanimate, everyday things seem to come alive. Using a variety of animation techniques, I abstract their form, slow down time, and/or move ordinary objects in ways that replicate the twitchings and squirmings of living things. Recording the event to video, I then project it onto sculptural forms. While the objects retain some of their real-world identity, they become illogical and their juxtaposition against each other or their environment generates a tension – a cognitive stretching – that gives rise to various readings of the work.

The plan for this RIA talk is to install at least three of the actual animation/sculptural hybrids, and present others in documentation during the talk.

Sharon Katz http://www.sharonkatz.net/  is a Canadian visual artist whose principle medium is animation. Questioning the line between inanimate and animate, she looks for moments when ordinary objects seem to come alive or have agency.

From drawing needles pushing through fabric to animating pink panties, from beef and bone memento mori  to a short film about the sensual bonding of a shirt collar and tie, her domestic world takes curious, material form in the work.

Active, sketchy lines; a fascination with texture; the directness of a minimal aesthetic; the intimacy of up-close; these elements identify her practice from the simplest of drawings to the most complex of short films and new media installations.

Her work has screened widely, most recently at Daïmôn Centre de Production (Gatineau, QC); Athens International Film & Video Festival (USA); Victoria Film Festival (Canada); Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival (Canada); Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia); The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, (Canada); Vilnius International Animation Festival (Lithuania); Dokufest International Festival of Documentary and Short Film (Kosovo); Odense International Film Festival (Denmark); Rochester International Film Festival (USA) and the Anifest International Festival of Animated Films (Czech Republic). She has participated in symposia and juries and was a central subject of a PhD thesis on direct-to-digital animation. She has been a regular contributor to the online journal Animation World Network since 2005.

She has a BSc in biology and recently completed an MFA.


A note on the Salons.

For the benefit of some new people on the RIA list here is a little explanation of what the salons are about:

Every month or so (there have been some hiatuses) we invite an artist, who has done a project outside the Ottawa area, to give a presentation in our home. This could be about an exhibition, a presentation, a residency or a research trip. It is a nice, informal way to get to know about something that we don’t have a chance to experience in person. We have also invited artists who are new in town to give a presentation about their work.

Please let us know if you’d like to recommend an artist to do a presentation at a RIA Salon.

The get-togethers are super casual, and the talks are short so there is lots of time for discussions about all sorts of things. People take turns to bring wine (we ask different people each time). This isn’t about food, so we usually have only chips. Invitations are based on coincidence, happenstance and word of mouth. There is only space for 20 people, first RSVP-ed first served, so please RSVP as soon as possible. If there are more people than seats (which is usually the case) we create a waiting list. For the following salon, the people on the waiting list get an advanced notice. We are trying not to turn the salons into a club, and this is the best way we know of getting different people together at different times. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t get in the first time. Although there are now 300 names on the RIA list, people usually can attend at least 1 out of 2 salons.

If you sign up but can’t make it at the last moment, let me know, so I can contact someone on the waiting list.

For more info on Research in Art (RIA) see: https://researchinartottawa.wordpress.com/

If you would like to be deleted from the RIA mailing list, please let me know.




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